KDC-X997/KDC-BT955HD/KDC-X897/KDC-BT855U/KDC-X697/KDC-655U/KMR-555U>13. Display settings>13-2. Information display setting

13-2. Information display setting

You can set the side and graphic parts of the display.

  1. Press [Control] knob.

    Enters the Function setting mode.

  2. Select "DISP&ILLUMI" > "Display Select" using [Control] knob.

    For how to use [Control] knob, refer to <3-3. How to select the item>.

  3. Select a display setting item using [Control] knob.



    "Side Select"

    Sets the side part display for Type A, B, and D.

    1 / 2 / 3 (Type A, B only)

    "Graphic Select"[1]

    Sets the Type D Spectrum analysis display.

    1 / 2


    Sets the status display (ON/OFF indicator for each function) for Type A and B.[2]

    "ON" / "OFF"

    (Colored text: Factory setting)

    [1] Function of KDC-X997/ KDC-BT955HD.

    [2] The status display automatically turns "OFF" during aha source and cannot be switched to ON.

  4. Select a setting using [Control] knob.

    Returns to the previous item.

Exiting from the Function setting mode

Press and hold [1/6].