KDC-X997/KDC-BT955HD/KDC-X897/KDC-BT855U/KDC-X697/KDC-655U/KMR-555U>12. Listen to the HD Radio™ tuner (KDC-X997, KDC-BT955HD)>12-3. Station preset memory

12-3. Station preset memory

You can store a station in the memory.

  1. Press [E] or [F] to select the channel.
  2. Press [1/6].

    Enter the Preset memory mode.

  3. Turn [Control] knob to select a memory number (FM: "1" – "18", AM: "1" – "6").
  4. Press and hold [Control] knob.

Exiting from the Preset memory mode

Press and hold [1/6].

About the Mix Station preset mode

  • If you press [1/6] twice in step 2, the Mix Station preset mode is selected with "Mixed Preset List" displayed.

    In this mode, different bands and tuner sources (FM, AM, SiriusXM, HD Radio tuner etc.) can be saved in the same preset layer, which allows you to recall the desired station without switching between bands or tuner sources.

    A maximum of six stations can be preset in the Mix Station preset mode.

    Once the Mix Station preset mode is set, you can enter the same mode by just pressing [1/6] once in step 2.

    Pressing [1/6] twice allows you to return to the normal Station preset mode.