KDC-X997/KDC-BT955HD/KDC-X897/KDC-BT855U/KDC-X697/KDC-655U/KMR-555U>3. Basic operations>3-1. Component names

3-1. Component names

  1. [1/6] button

    When listening to the iPod, audio file, CD, or radio, press this button to enter the search mode.

    In each of the selected modes, press the button to return to the previous item.

  2. [SRC] button

    Press this button to enter source select mode. Refer to <Source selection>.

  3. [Control] knob (Volume knob)

    In the normal mode, turn the knob to adjust the volume or press the knob to enter the Function setting mode.

    In the Function mode, turn the knob to select an item or press the knob to determine the selection.

  4. [R]/ [S] button

    Press the button to select an audio file folder or use it as a Likes/ Dislikes button on Aha etc.

    The [R] button can be used to select broadcast band as well.

  5. [G] button

    Press the button to eject the disc.

  6. Disc slot cover

    When this cover opens upward, the disc insertion slot appears.

  7. USB terminal (inside of the cover)

    Connect an iPod or USB device.

  8. Auxiliary input (inside of the cover)

    Connect the output of an external device using a stereo mini-jack.

  9. REAR USB indicator

    When a USB device or iPod is connected to the USB terminal of the rear, this indicator stays lit. During playback of the connected device, this indicator blinks.

  10. [E]/ [F] button

    Press the button to select a song or station.

  11. Release button

    Press the button to detach the faceplate.

  12. KDC-X997 KDC-BT955HD KDC-X897 KDC-BT855U [Ú] button

    Press the button to make, answer, or disconnect a hands-free call.

  13. KDC-X697 KDC-655U KMR-555U [A~Z] button

    Press any of (A to Z) button during the Music search mode to enter the alphabet search mode.