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10-7. About the Audio file

  • Playable Audio files

    AAC-LC (.m4a), MP3 (.mp3), WMA (.wma), WAV (.wav) of USB device

  • Playable disc media


  • Playable disc file formats

    ISO 9660 Level 1/2, Joliet, Long file name.

  • Playable USB devices

    USB mass storage class

  • Playable USB device file systems

    FAT12, FAT16, FAT32

Even if the audio files comply with the standards listed above, playback may be impossible depending on the type or condition of the medium or device.

  • Playback order of the Audio files

    In the example of folder/file tree shown below, files are played in the order of number from (1) to (6).

;: folder

-: Audio file

For the online manual describing audio files, visit www.kenwood.com/cs/ce/audiofile/. In this online manual, detailed information and notes which are not provided in this manual are provided. Make sure to read through the online manual as well.

What is a USB device?

  • In this manual, the term "USB device" indicates a flash memory or digital audio player which has a USB terminal.