KDC-X997/KDC-BT955HD/KDC-X897/KDC-BT855U/KDC-X697/KDC-655U/KMR-555U>18. Bluetooth settings (KDC-X997, KDC-BT955HD, KDC-X897, KDC-BT855U)>18-6. Bluetooth detail setting

18-6. Bluetooth detail setting

You can configure the initial settings of this unit.

  1. Press [Ú].

    "BT MODE" appears and enter the Bluetooth mode.

  2. Select "Settings" > "Detailed Settings" using [Control] knob.

    For how to use [Control] knob, refer to <3-3. How to select the item>.

  3. Select a Bluetooth detail setting item using [Control] knob.



    "Auto Answer"

    Automatically answers a call after lapse of the preset time interval.

    "OFF": Does not answer the phone call automatically.

    "1SEC" – "8SEC" – "99SEC":

    Automatically answers the phone call after lapse of 1 – 99 seconds.

    "Auto Reconnect"

    When set to "ON", starts re-pairing with the registered Bluetooth device automatically when it becomes unpaired.

    "ON" / "OFF"

    "Auto Pairing"

    When set to "ON", the Apple Auto Pairing function is turned on to automatically register the iPod touch or iPhone connected to this unit.

    "ON" / "OFF"

    "Bluetooth HF/Audio"

    Specifies the output speakers for hands-free voice communication and Bluetooth audio sound.

    "Front" : Outputs sound from the front speakers.

    "All" : Outputs sound from the front and rear speakers.

    "Call Beep"

    Sets whether to output a beep from the speaker when a call comes in.

    "ON" : Outputs a beep.

    "OFF" : Does not output a beep.

    "MIC Gain"

    Adjusts the sensitivity of the microphone for telephone call or adjusts the voice of the caller.

    "-20" – "0" – "+8"

    "Echo Cancel Level"

    Sets the echo cancellation level.

    "1" – "4" – "10"

    (Colored text: Factory setting)

  4. Select a setting using [Control] knob.

    Returns to the previous item.

Exiting from the Bluetooth mode

Press [Ú].