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3-2. Preparations

Cancel the Demonstration mode



Cancel the Demonstration mode when you use the unit for the first time after installation.

  1. Press [Control] knob to cancel the Demonstration mode when the message "To cancel DEMO Press the volume knob" appears (approx. 15 seconds).
  2. Turn [Control] knob to select the "YES", and then press [Control] knob.

    The Demonstration mode can also be canceled in the Function Setting mode. Refer to <14-5. Demonstration mode setting>.

Detaching/ Attaching the faceplate


  • Remove the faceplate at once after pressing the Release button; otherwise it can fall down due to vibration.
  • The faceplate is a precision component of the unit and can be damaged by shocks or jolts.
  • Keep the faceplate in its case while detached.
  • Do not place the faceplate (and case) in areas exposed to direct sunlight, excessive heat or humidity. Also avoid places with too much dust or the possibility of water splashing.