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6-2. Playing music

Playing a iPod

Connect the iPod to the USB terminal using the KCA-iP102 (optional accessory).

[1] Front USB terminal

[2] Rear USB terminal

You can connect the iPod to either one of the USB terminals provided at the front and rear of this unit.

If you connect a device to the USB terminal provided at the rear, the "REAR USB" indicator stays lit.

When it is connected, the source is switched automatically and playback starts.

Selecting a song

Press [E] or [F] button.

Fast-forwarding or fast-backwarding a song

Press and hold [E] or [F].

Pause and play a song

Press and hold [1/6].

Removing iPod

Switch the source to a device other than iPod, Pandora, Aha Radio, and iHeartRADIO, and then remove the iPod.

Data contained in the iPod may be damaged if you remove it when it is used as the active source.

When playback of iPod touch or iPhone does not start

  • If an unsupported application has started when connecting iPod touch or iPhone, "APP & iPod Mode" appears and sometimes playback does not starts. In this case, APP & iPod Mode is set to "OFF". Refer to <6-9. App & iPod mode setting search>.