KDC-X997/KDC-BT955HD/KDC-X897/KDC-BT855U/KDC-X697/KDC-655U/KMR-555U>18. Bluetooth settings (KDC-X997, KDC-BT955HD, KDC-X897, KDC-BT855U)>18-3. Deleting the phone book

18-3. Deleting the phone book

You can delete the phone book stored in this unit to which a cell phone − which is not compatible with PBAP − is connected.

  1. Press [Ú].

    "BT MODE" appears and enter the Bluetooth mode.

  2. Select "Phone Book" using [Control] knob.

    For how to use [Control] knob, refer to <3-3. How to select the item>.

  3. Turn [Control] knob to select the name to be deleted.
  4. Press and hold [Control] knob.
  5. Select the item to be deleted using [Control] knob.


    Item to be deleted

    "Delete Name"

    All phone numbers registered for the selected name are deleted.

    "Delete Number"

    One of the phone numbers registered for the selected name is deleted.

    "Delete All"

    All phone numbers registered in the phone book are deleted.

    When you selected "Delete Number", next select the number you want to delete using [Control] knob.

  6. Select "YES" using [Control] knob.

    "Completed" appears.

Exiting from the Bluetooth mode

Press [Ú].