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10-3. Skip search

(Music Editor media <10-9. About "KENWOOD Music Editor Light" and "KENWOOD Music Control">)

You can search for a song by skipping songs at the set skip search ratio (the ratio of the number of songs to skip to the total number of songs in the selected list).

  1. Press [1/6].

    "MUSICSEARCH" appears, and the Music search mode is selected.

  2. Select browse item using [Control] knob.
  3. Press and hold [Control] knob.

    Enter the Search select mode

  4. Select "Skip Search" using [Control] knob.
  5. Search for music

    Operation type


    Movement between items

    Turn [Control] knob.

    Skip search

    Press [R] or [S].

    Selection of item

    Press [Control] knob.

    Setting of skip search ratio

    Press [E] or [F].

Exiting from the Music search mode

Press and hold [1/6].

Skip search ratio setting