KDC-X997/KDC-BT955HD/KDC-X897/KDC-BT855U/KDC-X697/KDC-655U/KMR-555U>5. DSP settings (KDC-X997, KDC-BT955HD)>5-2. Manual equalizer control

5-2. Manual equalizer control

You can adjust the equalizer curve manually.

  1. Press [SRC] and select a source other than Standby ("STANDBY") using [Control] knob.

    Refer to <Source selection>.

  2. Press [Control] knob.

    Enters the Function setting mode.

  3. Select "Audio Control" > "Manual Equalizer" using [Control] knob.

    For how to use [Control] knob, refer to <3-3. How to select the item>.

  4. Select a equalizer control item using [Control] knob.





    Adjust the gain of each band.

    -9 – 0 – +9 dB

    "Q Factor"[1]

    Adjust Q of each band.

    1.35/ 1.50/ 2.00

    "Bass EXT"

    "OFF"/ "ON"

    (Colored text: Factory setting)

    [1] Function of KDC-X997.

    When "Bass EXT" and "Q Factor" are selected, skip step 5.

  5. Select a Band using [Control] knob.


    "BAND1"; 62.5 Hz, "BAND2"; 100 Hz,

    "BAND3"; 160 Hz, "BAND4"; 250 Hz,

    "BAND5"; 400 Hz, "BAND6"; 630 Hz,

    "BAND7"; 1 kHz, "BAND8"; 1.6 kHz,

    "BAND9"; 2.5 kHz, "BAND10"; 4 kHz,

    "BAND11"; 6.3 kHz, "BAND12"; 10 kHz,

    "BAND13"; 16 kHz


    "BAND1"; 62.5 Hz, "BAND2"; 160 Hz,

    "BAND3"; 400 Hz, "BAND4"; 1 kHz,

    "BAND5"; 2.5 kHz, "BAND6"; 6.3 kHz,

    "BAND7"; 16 kHz

  6. Select a value using [Control] knob.

Exiting from the Function setting mode

Press and hold [1/6].

When the "Manual Equalizer" item is not displayed

  • This function is not available when "iPod" is selected for "Preset Equalizer".