KDC-X997/KDC-BT955HD/KDC-X897/KDC-BT855U/KDC-X697/KDC-655U/KMR-555U>19. SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio (optional tuner and service required)>19-2. Listening to the SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio

19-2. Listening to the SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio

Selecting a tuner source

  1. Press [SRC].

    Enters the Source selection mode.

  2. Select a SiriusXM ("SiriusXM") source using [Control] knob.

Selecting a channel

Press [E] or [F].

The seek mode can be changed. Refer to <Selecting a Seek mode> (refer to below).

Selecting a Seek mode

Press [S].




Normal manual seeking.


Searches in order of the channels in the preset memory.

Station preset memory

  1. Press [E] or [F] to select the station.
  2. Press [1/6] twice.
  3. Turn [Control] knob to select a memory number ("1" – "24").
  4. Press and hold [Control] knob.

Recalling the stations in the memory

  1. Press [1/6] twice..
  2. Select a preset number "1" – "24") using [Control] knob.

About Smart Favorites

  • Data for Replay is automatically stored in the station memory number 1 though 6. (Smart Favorites function)

    Smart Favorites brings the following experience;

    However, the Smart Favorites function may not be available depending on the system configuration.

    In this case, the "Tune Start" items do not appear on the Function setting. Refer to <19-20. SiriusXM tuner setting>.