KMC Helper application

If pop-up message "Connect Android device to Windows PC and execute KMCHELPER.exe." appears when information for car audio system is output, go through the following steps:
  1. Connect Android device to Windows PC, and execute "KMCHELPER.exe".

    "KMCHELPER.exe." in root directory of the internal storage or SD card.

  2. When output of information is completed, disconnect Android device from PC.

  3. Start KENWOOD Music Control application.

  4. Tap on [ ] to display the Slide menu.

  5. Select [Preference ] [Analyzed data output settings] to output song information. →Settings

  • If KMCHELPER.exe is not found, disconnect Android device from PC, restart KENWOOD Music Control application, and reconnect Android device to PC.
  • If KMCHELPER.exe is not executed after addition or deletion of song, information about added or deleted song is not reflected when Android device is connected to car audio system.
System Requirement

OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional/Home Edition SP2 or later (32bit), Microsoft Windows Vista (32bit/ 64bit), Microsoft Windows 7 (32bit/ 64bit), Microsoft Windows 8 (32bit/ 64bit)